Recent History of Kailua Beach Adventures and Kailua Bay

Kailua is a beautiful beach town with a spectacular crescent beach spanning 2.5 miles. The watershed was home to much of Oahu’s royalty in ancient Hawaii. The town was very small in the early 1900’s, and has gradually grown to a comfortable size with a great selection of shops, restaurants, and watering holes without the traffic or bustle of Waikiki.


Catamarans on Kailua Beach,Kailua beach In the 70’s and 80’s, Kailua Bay was graced with dozens of Hobie Cat catamarans on its beaches. Races would attract world class sailors with close to 100 competitors in attendance. With crystal clear tropical waters and steady trade winds,  Kailua was the perfect place for world class sailing.
Kailua beach Soon the scene changed and sailboarders became the dominant sport. In 1981 Kailua was host to the PanAm World Cup. Attendance was so high that applications had to be cut off and competitors had to be split into 2 groups in order to give every body a chanced at the starting line.The town of Kailua was full of athletes and enthusiast from all over the world.
Windsurfing LanikaiPeople who saw the awe inspiring sight of windsurfers zipping around the bay powered by nothing but wind were obviously enthralled. There was a huge demand for windsurfing schools, and in 1983, Kailua Beach Adventures (then called Kailua Sailboards) was founded.
Kayaks Kailua BeachDuring the 90s (Nineties) Kailua fell asleep and it was not until mid 2000s when the educated visitor started to appreciate Kailua’s potential for an active lifestyle. The beaches started to look more populated and colorful kayakers graced the turquoise waters of Kailua Bay.
Kailua TownA somewhat discouraged business community felt the arrival of a second chance. Business increased and soon additional restaurants and shops popped up all over town. Today Kailua has an amazing variety of shops, eateries and restaurants.
Kailua HistoryHistory of Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks: Formerly known as ‘Kailua Sailboard Company’ the original shop was located on Hoolai Street in Kailua. Tucked away in a back alley, the company catered to the demand of enthusiast windsurfers and featured the latest and greatest windsurfing gear.  The big move came in 1985 when the company relocated to the newly renovated Kailua Beach Center, previously occupied by Foodland and a laundromat. Now within walking distance to the beach, lessons for beginners were on offer.
Kailua Town ShoppingIn 1995 Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks, Inc. was founded and all assets from Kailua Sailboard Company were transferred. Under new management the company started to focus on other activities than windsurfing. Kailua provided the ideal environment for Kayaking, Stand-Up-Surfing, Snorkeling and Boogie Boarding. In the coming years staff training was intensified. Instructors and Guides had to work their way through a strict and very elaborate program. In addition kayak guides are now being trained by ACA certified instructors. Human Resources is run with a focus on hiring highly qualified employees with a strong background in customers service. As a result customer satisfaction is at an all time high.
kailua beach adventuresIn order to meet the ever increasing demand for customer service the company increased its presence at Kailua Beach Center and added briefing rooms, locker room and retail space. Currently customers are being prepared for their adventures in 3 multimedia rooms. Education includes Wildlife sanctuary rules for a visit to Kailua’s Offshore islands, Marine Biology, Culture, History, Safety and activity specific Technique.