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Kite surfing in Hawaii, Kailua is a must visit kiteboarding destination, with the best all around conditions of anywhere in Hawaii.

Kitesurfing, Kailua Beach Hawaii

Kitesurf Kailua North Kite GearKailua is a must visit kiteboarding destination, with the best all around conditions of anywhere in Hawaii. Kailua is located on Oahu’s windward coast, about 30 minutes from Honolulu and Waikiki. Kite surfers from around the world come here for holiday to kite side by side with Oahu locals. The standard Kailua kite is a 12m, though anything from a 7-17m may be used. For best conditions, check out the forecast below.
The main launch-site for kitesurfing on Oahu is one block from Kailua Sailboards and Kayak’s shop. Kailua has been known as one of the best spots for kiting in the world due to the combination of sandy beach, warm water and extreme beauty. Trade winds blow year round and can range from 10-25 knots, averaging around 14 in the summer. The wind blows from the ENE, which makes for an ideal side-on-shore direction. Kite surfers launch from Kailua Beach Park, where there is grass for staging your kite and a sandy beach for the launch. Kailua Beach has a mild to moderate shore break that generally does not effect kiters but grows larger down wind on the beach where the wind also becomes more onshore. The inside section of the bay is relatively calm, with out breaking waves. Rolling swells and waves break on the outer reefs and offer great jumping and wave riding for more experienced riders.

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The launch zone can become busy during peak times and can include multiple users such as kayakers, windsurfers, swimmers and beach users. Please keep in mind that all other beach users have the right of way over kite-surfers. Kiters should stage their kites on the grass before going out, to check gear and lines, and use the beach strictly for landing and launching. Kiters must avoid the swimming zone, just up wind and marked off with white buoys and must stay away from the shore break. Jumping is strictly prohibited within 200 feet of the beach, swim zone or people. We carry North kites, all accessories, rash-guards, neoprenes, sunscreen and polarized sunglasses. Feel free to use our lockers to store your valuables while on the water. We also rent kite boards and harnesses. No company in Hawaii rents kites for kitesurfing, due to liability issues and the dangerous nature of the sport. We do rent and sell trainer kites, however, for those who want to get there fist taste of the sport.
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