Beach cleanup with Assets High School

by / Wednesday, 03 May 2017 / Published in Uncategorized

Beach cleanup with Assets High School! After project time consisting of assembling sand sifters, we headed to Kailua beach armed with our new tools and the ULTIMATE SAND SIFTER to make Oahu plastic free. The kids split up into two groups. One group focused on sifting using the USS (Ultimate Sand Sifter, a tool we built in house at Kailua Beach adventures) and the hand sifters we made while the other half walked down the beach and looked for land based trash like bottles, cans, plastic, and styrofoam. After an hour or so, the groups switched places. We collected 27 pound of trash from the beach, way to go Assets!
We brought all the trash back to the shop and sorted it. After shaking off all the sand and washing up, we talked about how this much trash could make its way to the beach. The kids started brainstorming ways to minimize their trash consumption.
Beach Cleanups are amazing, but the trash we collect is just a drop in the bucket worldwide. If these kids go home thinking differently about plastic use, then the cleanup was a success.