Bus Route

Kailua Bus Route

Public transportation on Oahu is a slow but feasible option for visiting Kailua. The Bus, operated by City and County of Honolulu, runs every day of the year and costs $2.00/ adult, one way fare and is considered relatively safe and clean. To visit Kailua, ask the driver for a free transfer as you will need to take at least two buses to get here from Waikiki. The trip could easily take between one to two hours and a 15 minute walk from Kailua Town to the beach may also be necessary.
The Bus from Waikiki to Kailua
The basic route from Waikiki is to take any bus to the Ala Moana Center. Here you will need to transfer to either the 56 (Route Map / Time-Table), 57 or 57A (Route Map / Time-Table) to Kailua Town. The 57 is the best option because it will continue on through Kailua town, where its possible to get off at the Kailua Rd. and Wanaao Rd. intersection. Then you must walk down Kailua Rd. 10 minutes to our shop on the left, before the beach. It is also possible to transfer from any of the 56, 57 or 57A lines to the 70 at No Hea Gallery in Kailua Town. The 70 will drop off at our shop, in the Kailua Beach Center but runs on an hourly/ 45 minute schedule
Please check the timing and routes, including weekend and holiday schedules. The routes are subject to change and we are not liable for any information found on this site. Please feel free to call The Bus at 808-848-5555 for a helpful representative