The Voyaging Crew from Plastic Change Finds Safe Harbor at Kailua Beach Adventures!

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Kailua Beach Adventures hosted an incredibly moving and relevant Eco-Night yesterday, November the 29th. After 5 months at sea, a crew of researchers, biologists and artists gave a heartfelt presentation here at our shop. The crew from Plastic Change undertook an epic journey on a beautiful sailboat from Copenhagen through the Panama Canal and all the way to Hawaii. The trip’s purpose was research and data collection in an effort to connect the dots surrounding the complex problem of plastic pollution worldwide. Accounting for all the plastic produced worldwide has proved a near impossible task, as experts find only 1 percent of the plastic expected to be on the surface of the ocean. This prompted Plastic Change to go deeper, literally, and test the entire length of the water column as deep as six hundred feet for microscopic plastic contamination. Armed with the data they have collected, Plastic Change will now embark on a whirlwind campaign involving every aspect of the issue, including science, marketing, logistics, public relations, and politics.

The crew is incredibly committed to the cause. A few days outside of Los Angeles, on their way to Hawaii, Christainshavn lost her propeller, rendering the engine useless. The crew decided to push on using only sails. After three weeks of skillful navigation and creative solutions to problems, they finally neared the Hawaiian Islands. In a dramatic turn of events, Christianshavn’s rudder was lost as the boat approached the delicate entrance to the Hawaiian Islands. With one foot already onshore in their minds, the crew was forced to face the most difficult challenge of the journey, sailing the ship through the Kaiwi channel and into Honolulu Harbor for desperately needed repairs without a rudder. With the help of a 100 year old tome of sailing knowledge and without Siri’s ear, they managed to slip the ship through the canal almost perfectly and reach the shores of Honolulu, close enough for the Coast Guard to hook her up and tow her the final stretch.
Kailua Beach Adventures Community Eco Night
Lucky for us at Kailua Beach Adventures, their first stop was our Kailua Bay Learning Center where after five months of almost no contact with the outside world, the crew unloaded their baggage in our office and then poured their souls out to a crowded audience. Artist Chris Jordan was part of the crew and shared some incredibly moving stories and short films from his recent efforts. The experience was emotional for everyone involved, and anyone not convinced of the immediate need for action to save our environments worldwide before certainly left the room with a new feeling of urgency. Everyone left the room feeling a strong love for the earth and an undeniably stronger connection to humankind.
Kailua Beach Adventures Eco Night